Japanese bridge

Japanese bridge ( Chua Cau in Vietnamese) was constructed by the Japanese trading community in 1593 to connect them with the Chinese area on the other side of a small creek. It remains until today as a spectacular attraction in this ancient town.

cau nhat ban

There is a pair of two animals’ statues (one is a Dog and the other is a Monkey) has been placed at both ends of the bridge, according to a tale says that the bridge was started in 1593 – Year of the Monkey in Lunar calandar, and finished in 1595 – Year of the Dog. They represent for the guardians of the bridge.

There is a small, unimpressive shrine built into the bridge’s northern side, right in the middle over the creek. The shrine inside Japanese bridge pays tribute to the northern deity Tran Vo Bac De who reputedly controls the weather – an important thing considering the seafaring traditions and notoriously poor weather in Hoi An area.

This 18m bridge which is looking over the peaceful Thu Bon River connects the two major streets of Hoi An’s old quarter: Tran Phu Street and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. The Japanese bridge is a symbol of Hoi An town and a beautiful reminder of a time long ago.

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