Cargo restaurant

The majestic Cargo restaurant, with it’s beautifully-restored colonial exterior, lively atmosphere and delectable patisserie, is still as inviting to customers today as it was when it opened a 9 years ago.

The Cargo Club set the benchmark in Hoi An as the first outlet to offer visitors a gourmet café experience, with its bakery and patisserie catering to the Western palate.

Owner Ms Vy first had the idea to open Cargo after traveling to Australia in 1998, where she noticed how much foreigners valued their coffee and desserts. After finding the ideal location and sourcing a qualified international pastry chef, the Cargo Club was born in 2001.

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While other restaurants have tried to follow suit, the Cargo patisserie has no peer. It’s diverse range of high-quality breads, cakes and pastries, cannot be reproduced anywhere else in Hoi An. Nor can the vibe inside.


Add: 107-109 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An.

Tel: +84 (0510) 391 1227

Sourse: restaurant-hoian

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