328 restaurant Hoi an

Restaurant 328 is located in Cua Dai street, in the middle of Cua Dai Beach and Hoi An ancient town which is the World Cultural Heritage.
For more than 4 years of operation, the restaurant has been a friendly destination to all diners, especially foreign tourists.

Many diners have come back to the restaurant twice, three times, or four times, etc. with good impression left in the “Customers’ Diary”
With the motto “Treating diners as family members”, all staff of the restaurant continuously increases the service quality through their spirit, attitude, quality and price of dishes for diners, respecting them like family members who are coming back home after a long time of living away for business from the country.

With more than hundred of dishes, the restaurant always satisfies customers’ expectations, especially with popularly local special food of Hoi An people like Quang Noodle, Cao Lau Noodle, Wonton Noodle Soup, White Rose, etc.

This makes thousands of customers vibrate, remember and covet when they have ever visited Hoi An ancient town at least once, letting their soul free and wallowed in the quiet space, enjoying and tasting unique tastes of delicious dishes. Certainly, such impression images will be attached to them during their lifetime.


Add: 328 Cua Dai street, Cam Chau Village, Hoi An

+84-510 3862095

Information from: hoian328restaurant.com

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